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Grimm's Grotto

system down.//

Hi there! Well, where to start? I'm a girl! Exciting stuff, I know. I love reading and writing anything fantasy, sci fi or slashy. I'm not that great of a writer, but I suppose eventually I'll improve.

I'm mildy bipolar. So there are times when I'm like ANGST, which I'm trying to fight off as I write this, as I've been in a strop lately. But then suddenly (soon I hope) I'll be jumping up and down reading fluff fics, and babbling on about cheese.

I work at a cinema, so I get to see all the latest movies again and agian for free, though its serious downfall is that the customers are crazy and you start to loathe popcorn. I also worked briefly in a small pub/bar, that gets like...40 people a night type thing. It was different, less stressful (1000+ people go to see a movie in a day) and all the old drunk guys would go out of their way to talk to me. Some of them were so cute (in that old man kind of way, obviously).

So yeah, I'm not the most interesting person, and my journal is going to be equally as plain, but it's not going to be the most abandoned one on here now is it? :S